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Kelly Herndon Cut

Yahoo is reporting that cornerback Kelly Herndon has been cut. This is a mild disappointment for me, as I thought Herndon still had a place in Seattle as a nickleback (the position he was signed to play 2 years ago). He was clearly outmatched as the second starting cornerback, and him getting torched became an oh-too familiar site last season, but experience is a quality in short supply for the Seattle secondary. DBs generally take longer than almost any position to come into their own and while Herndon was no great shakes in coverage, Josh Wilson and Kelly Jennings can't be expected to be better. The net effect on the Hawk's coverage skills is minimal, but Herndon was a force against the running game. It's his contribution tackling to the outside where Herndon's loss will be most felt. Over the last two seasons, Seattle has ranked second on runs around right end. It's very unlikely Jennings or Wilson will be able to duplicate Herndon's open field tackling.

This move may indicate a desire to make some big moves after the June 1st cuts--hopefully grabbing a running back.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this team needs Marcus Trufant to take that next step as a cornerback: With him goes our secondary.