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Preliminary One-Year Anniversary Trial RSVP

A'ight, Gullers, if I ain't writin' too much for this blasted place lately (that will change, however), I'm at least doin' some killer social organizin'.

A local joint has been put on notice that we'd like to invade their establishment with some hardcore, not-to-be-F'd-with internet blogger types for the Field Gulls One-Year Anniversary Party.

After much rooting around to determine when it would fit my schedule, I've decided the best time to do this would be either the weekend of June 16-17, or June 23-24. June 16 is the actual one-year anniversary of FG, but the following weekend gives us more time to plan. Plus June 17 is Father's Day, so the next weekend would be free of any paternal conflicts you (or I) might have.

I've talked with the venue, and they'd like a heads-up, even if this is just an informal gathering. Personally I feel the best time for this would be a Sunday afternoon, maybe around 1 to 5 or something close. And for obvious reasons I strongly prefer June 24.

BTW, it's a bar. Sorry, fans of temperance. And you know who you are.

ANYWAY, so what I need from you, in semi-quick order (let's say Thursday or Friday) is: Can you get to the Fremont/Queen Anne area of Seattle on June 17 or 24? And, secondly, will you? I'd like to give them an approximate head count. Otherwise it should be very informal.

Let me know and I'll make the appropriate accommodations. Everyone is welcome, as long as you're over 21 or are willing to spend the entire time in the restaurant, away from our bad influence.

You can let me know in the comments. Let's bring football back to the middle of June where it belongs!

Side note to Josh Brown, aka Dreamboat: Come by and you can receive your official Field Gull Player of the Year certificate, which will be printed out on my old Ink Jet lovingly crafted by Bavarian calligraphers.