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Community Projections Open Thread

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The idea of doing community projections was brought up a few months back, February I believe. With little else happening in Seahawks land, I thought we could finalize how we are going to do this over the next couple of days and start them early next week.

Here's how I think we should do it, but I am interested in everyone's ideas.

For skill positions we can do the normal counting stats plus PAR, VOA. Thus:

Shaun Alexander

1250 Rushing Yards
11 TDs
15 Rec
75 Reception Yards
2 Fumbles
4.4 Yard Per Carry

7.3% VOA
23.4 PAR

That's not meant to be a projection, just an example.

Then for the offensive line we could use:

Total Rushing Yards
Totals Sacks Allowed
Adjusted Line Yards
Power Success
Adjusted Sack Rate

and also

I have a pretty good idea of how I want to do this, but before I unveil that, I want to see some discussion. Is there any stat we absolutely should include? How about one we should completely disregard (like tackles for DB, perhaps)?