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Game Recap: SD v. Sea 8/12: Final

A few quick observations and then the totals:

  • The Hawks offense dominated this quarter. Lots of scrubs along the line, including Jon Alston at left tackle. Alston, not surprisingly, was toast against the edge rush. He recorded two blown blocks in the fourth quarter.
  • The Seneca Wallace conundrum seems pretty simple: He can't throw short passes. Wallace looked accurate in the fourth thanks to a number of midrange throws that he could step into. He continued to look clueless on any pass of five or fewer yards.
  • Marquis Weeks looked good against San Diego's "Z" team, Nth string, whatever you want to call them. I didn't record any "dance" plays, where he looked hesitant to hit the hole, but he did make an ill-advised cutback that a competent linebacker would have nailed him for.
  • In all the malaise of the 4th quarter in a preseason game it's easy to miss a couple standout performances, but two guys really shined: FB Josh Parry and DE Baraka Atkins. Parry recorded two back field blocks on passes and two good run blocks, including the less heralded block on the Weeks TD run. Wrotto, of course, was the superstar, getting telestrated by Madden and rightfully so, he delivered an excellent second level block after pulling, but Perry's block allowed Wrotto's block to matter.

    Atkins scored 4 penetrations and 2 forced double teams. Three of the four penetrations and both of the FDT occurred during the Chargers' final desperation drive in the fourth, so, however you want to interpret that, go ahead, but the fact remains he was getting a lot of pressure from the right side.

  • Six tackles or not, Will Herring didn't do much that impressed me. After watching the tape a few times, I think open-field tackles are a bit overrated. We see the defender converting the tackle, and it looks good, especially if the defender is a good form tackler. But a solid open-field tackle 5, 10, 15 yards past the line of scrimmage isn't worth as much as a missed tackle--that slows down a defender and leads to a later tackle--that occurs within five yards or behind the line of scrimmage.



WR1: 1
WR2: 30
WR3: 16
WR4: 7

TE1: 35
TE2: 7

B1: 34
B2: 25
-Split: 7
-Wing: 4
-I formation: 14

?: 3


Hasselbeck: 3 Accurate passes, 1 Underthrown, 1 pass deflected to Rob Sims

Wallace: Accurate 12, Underthrown 3, Overthrown 5, Deflected 1, "?" 4

"Dance": Weaver 1

Backfield Block: Weaver 2, Josh Perry 2, Weeks 2, Morris 1

Combo: Sims/Spencer 1, Ashworth/Gray 1

Blown: Willis 2, Alston 2, Patrick Ross 1, A.J. Harris 1

Drops: Alexander 1



Base: 59
Nickel: 6
Goal Line: 1
3 Down Linemen: 4
Blitz: 7


Penetration: Atkins 5, Mebane 4, Tapp 1

Forced Double Team: Mebane 2, Atkins 2, Green 1

Blown Coverage: Hobbs 2, Herring 1

*2nd Half Only

Ok, so I'm still working out the kinks on this and I'm sure I missed some stuff, but that should be accurate. The MVP of the first half has to be Matt Hasselbeck who carved up the Chargers defense, his one incomplete was an Alexander drop. Honorable mention, Rob Sims, who got a ton of push, not to mention a 16 yard reception. The MVP of the second half is Brandon Mebane who did a lot to stifle the Chargers rushing attack. Honorable mention, Ben Obomanu. Overall MVP for contributions to both halves, Darryl Tapp.