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Around the NFC West: Arizona

Does losing to last year's official "Easy NFL Related Punchline of the Tonight Show" Oakland Raiders mean anything? Of course not, especially when someone named Shane Boyd is getting 19 pass attempts. Here is the one interesting detail, albeit speculative, I was able to divine:

First, is Arizona a black hole for sports fans? Finding any reactions from the Cards preseason opener is nigh impossible. The best I could do was looking at the, *shiver, AOL FanHouse Blog, SB site Silver and Black Pride, and CBS Sportsline's gamebook. Anway...

Levi Brown didn't start. The FanHouse's Dan Benton described Brown and starter Oliver Ross thusly:

On the plus side, Levi Brown made it clear that he will be worth all the money spent on him. Unfortunately for him, Oliver Ross played like an absolute stud out there and would be the clear starter if the regular season began today.

Here's the thing, though. In the fourth quarter, Isaiah Ekejiuba recorded a sack. Ekejiuba is listed as a weakside linebacker, so he'd be working off the right offensive tackle. I know Brown was in the game, because he recorded a false start on the previous play. In the third, left defensive end Jay Richardson recorded a sack. Later in the fourth, another WLB recorded a sack, Chris Clemons. Without actually seeing the game, I can't be certain that Brown allowed any of these sacks, but all three came from defenders who, presumably, would be attacking from the offense's right side. If Brown was playing in the fourth quarter, it bears reason that he also played in the third quarter. I'm drawing some conclusions from incomplete information, but I thought Brown might have trouble against the edge rush. Three sacks by three scrubs all emanating from the right offensive side might be an early indication that my fears were valid. I would keep a watch on this, because a good run blocking tackle who can't handle the pass rush = Kwame Harris.