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Around the NFC West: Seattle

A quick note about the Hawks game in Lambeau tomorrow, Shaun Alexander, Bobby Engram, Chris Gray, Walter Jones, Sean Locklear and Methuselah all won't be making the trip. Hey Holmgren, just a thought and I'm not trying to tell you how to do your job or anything, but if both of your starting tackles aren't starting, maybe your still-healing franchise Qb shouldn't be starting either. Seriously, if Beck goes down with an injury because the Packs 10th ranked pass rush clobbers our scrub unit, I will go, ahem...APESHIT!

Greene should see his first on-field action and the Hawks really need him to go out there and unseat Seneca Wallace for the backup duties. It's go time Greene, don't let that awful Charlie Dillon drag you down.

In site related news, I will try and record a podcast tonight. If anyone knows how I can embed it without forcing people to download it, all advice is appreciated. Nine months ago I knew absolutely nothing about HTML and I've done what I can do learn so as to better run the site, but I know that nearly everyone who reads this site is smarter than me about computer junk, so I humbly ask for your help with anything I'm ignorant of or obviously screwing up. Also, I've been roped into a family thing--I've got to go pet goats in Skamania--so I won't be around for the game thread. I'm sure you're all sad to miss my pithy, half-cocked ramblings. Yeah...Anyway, quarter one breakdown, a quick definition for all my game charting stats and general reflections will follow on Sunday.