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Preseason Podcast: Sea @ GB

This is the second run through, a little less rough but still not in regular season form. A couple quick notes:

  • I call Daryn Colledge Nick Collins, my mistake.
  • Something I didn't talk about but I think many people will be looking for is Josh Wilson to play better coverage. He's our nickel guy, so I'm not too worried about his man coverage just yet. Instead, I would like him to show a little more life in zones, maybe make a play in run D.
  • No, I don't know why I say my name like a douchebag, hopefully it's just nerves.
  • ...And that would be my friend Matt, who let's me use his band's recording studio to tape these and does the engineering, talking to his friend on a cell phone at the end of the podcasts.

Still no luck embedding this.