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Game Recap: Sea @ GB, 1st Quarter

Before we delve into the first quarter, here is the current list of stats I'm tracking.

Underthrow, Overthrow, Accurate
Blown Block
Backfield Block
Combo Blocks
Pull Blocks
Tipped Pass
No Hole

Forced Double Team
Missed Tackle
Good Coverage
Blown Coverage
Hole in Zone

I think those are all pretty self explanatory.

Lefty, I'm down with keeping track of when players are fooled because of play action or misdirection, but that's going to be hard to track for individuals. I've watched half the team pull the wrong way or misread a play action. We can see how it works out in the preseason, but for now, I'm still a little iffy on it.

A few reflections from the first quarter and then the stats.

  • According to PFP 2007, Seneca Wallace was the best quarterback in football in 2006 when pressured, but let's get this straight: the 55 yard reception to Nate Burleson was not repeatable. The pass fluttered, Burleson was engulfed and only by shear fortune kept his feet after both Packers fell off the tackle. This stuff happens; Wallace, Burleson each employed skills to make it possible, but the net, the 55 yard reception, was a lot of luck.
  • Speaking of missed tackles, C.J. Wallace missed one so bad that Blackmon nearly broke free for a score. The Hawks have been very aggressive on special teams, but their skill has not matched their aggression. Oh, and I hate horse collar tackles, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
  • Alexander is the worst receiving back I've ever seen.
  • On Maurice Morris' -2 yard run at the end of the first quarter, I allocated half a blown block to Spencer and half a blown block to Weaver. Both players passed Jenkins and engaged a defender in the second level. I'm pretty sure someone missed their assignment, but I don't know who, so I give each half credit, assuming both were in someway at fault.
  • Brandon Jackson looks like Edgerrin James to me. Lots of quietly productive runs. He's not flashy the way Adrian Peterson is, but he's steady, versatile and gets positive yards.
  • The Hawks showed a lot more blitzes than in San Diego. The whole defense looked more active, fast and game ready.

The Stats:


Wallace: 3 accurate, 1 underthrown, 1 tipped
Drops: Alexander 1, Engram 1
Blown Blocks: Ashworth 2, Weaver 1.5, Spencer .5
Hole: 0
No Hole: 1
(For the most part, Seattle created seams, with neither the blockers blowing their man up nor being blown up themselves.)
BFB: 0
Combo: 0


1WR: 0
2WR: 4
3WR: 4
4WR: 1
1TE: 5
2TE: 0
1B: 2
2B: 7
-I: 5
-W: 0
-S: 2


Forced Double Team: 0
Penetration: Tatupu 1, Peterson 1, Kerney 1, M.Green 1, Davis 1
Missed Tackle: Wallace 1
Coverage: Trufant 1, Jennings 1
Blown Coverage: Davis 1, Bentley 1
Hole in Zone: 3


Base: 18
3-3: 2
Goal Line: 2

  1. 3
  2. 3
  3. 1