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Uh-oh, you know what that means.

As David Byrne once yelped: Bullet Points!

  • I'm beat and just getting in--have only had the chance to see the first half. Ouch! I said this could turn into a blowout in the podcast and it sure did.
  • In another dimension Brock Huard is selling undercoatings at Harnish Lincoln Mercury.
  • But seriously, this has to be the most amateurish telecast I've seen since George Michael's Sports Machine. Michael Boulware was listed as the starting strong safety, Chris Spencer and Rob Sims were both listed as 212lbs and Verne Lundquist needs to hang up the mike. His play-by-play sounds like Pat Summerall circa Madden `96: 4 seconds too late and barely aware of what's happening.
  • Clearly, Tom Ashworth should not be starting at left tackle. Ashworth's value as a tackle is primarily in the run game. Ray Willis looked a lot better from the right side. He didn't do anything that was visibly exciting, but bear in mind he was facing Aaron Kampman. Kampman was one of the ten best defensive ends in football last year and he turns 28 in November.
  • Atari Bigby destroyed Seneca Wallace. It's important to understand that while recovering a fumble and especially recovering two fumbles for touchdowns is largely the product of luck, the pair of devastating sacks that preceded those fumbles is not.
  • Weaver is wearing the goat horns tonight, but let us consider his two big blown backfield blocks. The first, Weaver was ragdolled by A.J. Hawk. Hawk is a stud, what he did to Weaver was ugly, but Hawk could do that to most of the backs in the league. The second is as much David Greene's fault as Weaver's. Greene badly read the pocket and instead of stepping up and out of the pressure, he drifted lazily back and to the left. That Bigby only had to jump up and over Weaver to get the sack is a good indication that Greene should have been somewhere else.
  • Seneca Wallace has regressed as a quarterback.
  • What scares me about Greene isn't his accuracy, it's his cerebellum. The interception he threw before the two minute warning wasn't underthrown or overthrown, it was sailed. Sport is all about repeated motion. Putting, throwing a fastball, swimming; top athletes can do the same motion again and again with little variation. People like me couldn't do it three times in a row if a gun was held to our head. Greene could be tremendously accurate when he's accurate, and from what I've seen he's pretty sharp, but if he has a wild streak (and I'm not saying he does) he's toast in the NFL.
  • Gold Stars: Marcus Trufant, Lofa Tatupu, Maurice Morris, Kelly Jennings and John Marshall who used a lot of clever blitz packages.

Ok, I'm exhausted. Pigs, btw, elicit not an ounce of sympathy from me. Ugly, ugly creatures.