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Tubbs Returns

Marcus Tubbs has been activated from the PUP list. Mike Sando liked to roll out the stat that the Hawk's allowed 61 more yards rushing per game without Tubbs than with Tubbs. Now, total rushing yardage can be be deceiving, failing to account for opponents' strength and total number of rushing attempts. The stat that rings truest to me about how Seattle missed Tubbs is that the Hawks allowed runs of 10 or more yards on a staggering 29% of all rushing plays in 2006, but in the first five contests with a healthy Marcus Tubbs allowed runs of 10 or more yards on just 7% of plays. Tubbs is 26, assuming for now that he's healthy, he's entering his prime.

Instead of wishcasting Tubbs' contributions, I will say simply that the next few weeks should tell us much about where he is in his recovery. Amare Stoudamire looked similarly healed, but his knees stiffened up under the stress of play. The Hawks start the regular season against the 21st, 29th and 32nd ranked teams at creating runs of 10 or more yards. Should Tubbs need more time to recover, the first three weeks offer as good as chance as any to use him sparingly.