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Game Recap: Sea @ GB, The Suck

Do boxers watch tape of themselves to see how they forgot what happened?

Was it as bad as remembered?

Watching it again and again, the Hawks second quarter isn't as painful as one might expect. One would be excused, though, if they can't remember anything but a clusterfuck of blown blocks and turnovers. A couple brief notes on this forgettable quarter.

  • On the first play, of the first Hawk drive of the quarter, Tom Ashworth executed a good block. For the rest of the quarter he blocked like a tangled marionette. Seriously though, Ashworth passed off his blocking duty two separate times to engage a defender in the second level. It was strange and confusing.
  • When Atari Bigby turfed Seneca Wallace the only player in position to pick up Bigby was Marquis Weeks. Weeks was deployed on a passing route, but should have sensed the blitz and attempted to get a body on Bigby. The outcome of the play, a fumble return for a touchdown, was devastating, but unlike Ashworth's cavalcade of blown blocks, no one is surely at fault. Wallace could have thrown the ball away and Weeks could have sensed the blitz, but with a pass-rushing lane as wide as two linemen's shoulders, the line call could be to blame, too.
  • When Greene sailed his interception throw, it would seem that he was attempting to throw it over a Green Bay defender who had his arms up. Maybe next time he will just move to the left or right instead of passing over one defender and directly at another.

The Stats:


Wallace: 3 accurate, 2 underthrown, 3 overthrown
Greene: 3 accurate, 1 overthrown Drops: Weeks 1
Blown Blocks: Ashworth 5, Weaver 1
Hole: 1
No Hole: 3
BFB: 0
GB: Weaver 4, Sims 2, Spencer 1, Ashworth 1
Combo: Sims/Spencer 1


1WR: 0
2WR: 9
3WR: 12
4WR: 7
1TE: 20
2TE: 0
1B: 16
2B: 13
-I: 10
-W: 0
-S: 3


Forced Double Team: Bernard 1
Penetration: Tapp 1, Peterson 1, Kerney 1, Russell
Missed Tackle: Tatupu 1
Coverage: Trufant 2, Jennings 1, Tatupu 1, Bernard 1
Blown Coverage: Davis 1, Bentley 1
Hole in Zone: 1


Base: 10
3-3: 0
Goal Line: 0
Nickel: 4
5.    0
6.    2
7.    0