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Game Recap: Sea @ GB, 3rd Qtr

Do you ever just feel stupid? Not, "oh, I just did something stupid" stupid, but you actually feel less intelligent than normal. I'm very much a night person, but this week I'm trying to make the switch to being a morning person. So far, I'm awake, at least ostensibly, but my brain hasn't caught up.

  • At least Ashworth was schooled by starters, when Porkchop fell on his ass on the Hawks fourth drive of the third quarter, it was Larry Birdine who played principal. Womack must be a really nice guy, because he's no kind of football player.
  • Greene stares a hole in his receiver. He's so slow and deliberate with his release that whoever he passes to is completely covered and often double covered. His play made the Packers second string secondary look formidable. Had I been tracking "good coverage" stats for Green Bay, I might have had to jot down two names per pass.
  • Maybe it's the general malaise engendered by a preseason blowout, but everyone looked like they were running at about half speed. Even Herring, who is normally frenzied, looked bored on some plays.
  • Baraka Atkins continues to look good. His effort is up a tick, and on many plays he looks like a starter facing backups. Defensive ends rarely explode on the scene, most build to a short peak in their mid to late twenties. Atkins isn't likely to deviate much from that curve, he's a very good talent at a key position, but he's not a world beater. Still, for a player who many considered a second round talent with a seventh round heart, his energy and determination have been impressive.
  • I'm still much higher on Burleson as a returner than Wilson. Frankly, for all Wilson's speed, I'd list Burleson and Obomanu above him on the return depth chart. Wilson always looks for open-field and attempts to do too much instead of just finding a seam. Not only does that open the door for negative yards on the return, it instigates a lot of holds and blocks in the back by his blockers. Plus, Wilson gets pummeled every time he's tackled and the Hawks can't afford to lose him to injury. Burleson has proven his worth as a returner, he's comes from a position of greater depth for the Hawks and he's less inclined to futilely jitterbug all over the place.

The Stats:


Greene: 6 accurate, 4 underthrown, 1 overthrown
Blown Blocks: Womack 1
Hole: 1
No Hole: 1
BFB: 0
GB: Patrick Ross 1


1WR: 0
2WR: 7
3WR: 8
4WR: 2
1TE: 13
2TE: 0
1B: 8
2B: 9
-I: 4
-W: 0
-S: 5
?: 1


Forced Double Team:  
Penetration: Tapp 2, Atkins 2, Terrill 2, Wilson 1, Koutouvides 1, Herring 1, Davis 1
Missed Tackle: Terrill 1
Coverage: Hunter 2, Wilson 1
Blown Coverage: Davis 1, Bentley 1, Koutouvides 1
Hole in Zone: 2


Base: 16
3-3: 1
Goal Line: 1
Nickel: 0
5.    3
6.    1
7.    1

Ok, off to shovel rocks. Hopefully my brain will return to me tomorrow. I feel like fucking Awakenings over here.