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Game Recap: Sea @ GB, Perspective

  • The Hawks have yet to suffer a single major injury. The importance of this can't be overstated.
  • Leonard Weaver has unduly been the target of a lot of heat this past week. Weaver blew one block against A.J. Hawk and maybe you haven't heard, but Hawk is pretty good. Against Bigby in the second quarter, the blame must rest more on Greene for putting himself in the way of peril than Weaver. Greene nearly had his back to Weaver, so that whence Weaver attempted to block, the defender needed only the slightest push to get to Greene. Instead, Bigby simply jumped over Weaver and scored the sack. Bigby, btw, is a tremendously athletic safety. For most of the game Weaver was a sound blocker and his contributions receiving out of the backfield can't be matched.
  • Understanding why this was a blowout is easy. The Hawks have an old offense. Beck, Jones and Locklear are the three best players on the offense. The Packers have a good young team, and lots of depth on offense and defense. The Hawks were running a hamstrung unit against one of the best young defenses in football. After the smoke cleared, Seattle was matching David Greene against a first round quarterback entering his third season. Green Bay and Seattle are two teams passing in opposite directions in the NFL continuum. Green Bay is young and improving, Seattle is old and exiting their title window. Preseason heavily favors younger teams, Holmgren can yell his head off, but this was a gimmie contest for the Pack. Nothing should be read into the final score.
  • Quietly, the Hawks defense showed a lot of life. Mebane and Atkins are both solid young contributors and once Wilson is freed from man duties, he should excel in zone coverage. Mebane recorded my first forced double team + penetration when he split two blockers and recorded a really nice tackle behind the line of scrimmage. Mebane and Atkins look like future starters, but I think Wilson is destined to be a very good nickelback. As Darryl Tapp has proven, one doesn't have to be a starter to be a force. I think Wilson will prove likewise this season.
  • On the offensive side, both Steve Vallos and Joe Newton look like they could stick. For a 7th rounder and an undrafted FA that's pretty good. Vallos looks narrow and I think his destiny may be at C, but he's not easily overmatched. Newton looks like a quality #2 TE, the kind of guy who holds his block, is effective on short routes and in the endzone, but without the athleticism to stretch the seam.
  • Pollard looks good and the Hawks increased use of 3 and 4 WR sets should keep him fresh. Let's not forget that Mike Martz's offense generally kills tight end stats.
  • The secondary continues to be in disarray. A note to Junior, that stupid mountain running story will only last so long; eventually your DBs need to know their assignments.
  • I think A.J. Harris will be cut soon. He just doesn't do anything particularly well. I wish Floyd Womack could join him. The Hawk's fascination with Womack has become borderline demented. Perhaps someone could ship some British cattle to Seattle in hopes of thinning the herd.
  • Dreamboat Derek Devine really excelled at handing off. You think Holmgren wanted to get this game over with? He wasn't alone, Verne Lundquist and Warren Moon complained for two hours straight about Mike McCarthy's play-calling. McCarthy, for his part, countered by dropping an F-Bomb every time a camera found him.

The Stats:


Greene: 1 accurate (but into double coverage)
Blown Blocks:
Hole: 1
No Hole: 1
BFB: 0
GB: Weaver 1, Heller 1, Newton 1, Vallos 1, Parry 1
Combo: Vallos/Williams 1


1WR: 0
2WR: 7
3WR: 6
4WR: 2
1TE: 11
2TE: 0
1B: 7
2B: 9
-I: 9
-W: 0
-S: 0
?: 1


Forced Double Team: Mebane 1  
Penetration: Mebane 4, Atkins 1, Tafisi 1, Herring 1, Michael Green 1, Laury 1
Missed Tackle:
Coverage: Ghee 1, Green 1
Blown Coverage:
Hole in Zone: 2


Base: 10
3-3: 1
Goal Line: 2
Nickel: 3
5.    3
6.    3
7.    0