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Quick Cap: Min @ Sea

  • Josh Wilson is faster than you.
  • Nate Burleson is faster than you.
  • Shaun Alexander is not. He looked somewhere between lead footed and serviceable. The one thing he still does well is read defenses and his blockers, because of that he continues to be a better goal line/10+ threat. However, Morris is the more efficient rusher; he gets what is often termed "positive yards". Morris is the better receiver and pass blocker--to wit he's earned 40+% of the carries. Barring injury, he won't get them.
  • Beck is back: Great poise and accuracy.    
  • Wallace catches a little redemption. A better outing in limited action; Don't read too much into the 57 yard bomb to Obomanu. Wallace has underrated arm strength and excellent accuracy whilst scrambling. Check back next week.
  • The line looked solid, but pass rushing lanes still manifested in the middle way too frequently. The Williams twins are as good as advertised, but Sims is damn strong. I think Sims' play is a great testament to Ruskell's wise decision to not overpay for a guard. More on this another day.
  • Branch is for real. Obomanu makes this team.
  • Will Herring made a couple nice plays in coverage, but he still has a ways to go.
  • The Run defense is back. Yep, I'm ready to call it. Now let us all hold our breath until tomorrow to see how Tubbs' knee feels.
  • Tapp is better suited to sub. This team did not generate significant pass rush. Kerney has heart, hustle but until he gets a sack I'm tremendously unconvinced.
  • Trufant is a very good cover corner. Jennings is making strides--notice how little he was targeted. Wilson is still out to lunch. No prob, Wilson will work more in zones and I'm convinced he will return 1+ interceptions for scores this season.
  • I can't help but think our special teams will be top 5. Don't underestimate that, Football Outsiders says it's 1/7th the game.
  • I can't help but think 'Ramblin Man' will haunt Cameron Siskowic for the rest of his life.

Finally, on another note. I reprint this from the game thread because I think it bears repeating:

The local media is going to excoriate Weaver.

It's so frustrating.

Weaver's had some gaffes, some glaring screw-ups, but his ability to receive out of the backfield is invaluable to Holmgren's offense. Instead of burying Weaver, we should be rooting for him, highlighting his accomplishments. His screw-ups have been very poorly timed, often resulting in big turnovers, but he's never had a fumble problem and without a sliver of improvement he's still three times the pass blocker Shaun Alexander is. Timing is hardly predicative.

Nothing can be accomplished by calling Weaver out, but he will be because it's cheap, an easy story, something that resonates without being thoughtful.

It's so frustrating.

I'll break down, hopefully, the whole game tomorrow. Out.