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Game Recap: Min @ GB: Second Half

You'll have to excuse me if I have my mind elsewhere today.

This was just a boring, boring half of football. That might seem at odds with Obomanu's 57 yard reception and Kevin Hobbs 39 yard interception return touchdown, but Hobbs will be lucky to make the team and Obomanu was so wide open it didn't matter that Wallace underthrew the pass. Moments like those two are exactly the type of thing that's exciting when it happens, but ruined through scrutiny. The other problem those two plays engender is that they make this game appear to be a blowout. 30-13 certainly has the score of a modest blowout, but the Hawks didn't dominate in the trenches. They didn't record a spate of sacks or rip off some long runs. Mebane and Atkins continued to look solid along the line, but that's about it. Will Herring's interception was about as meaningful as Josh Wilson's fumble recovery in game one. Brooks Bollinger threw across his body into quadruple coverage, that Herring happened to be the accidental target doesn't tell us anything about his coverage skills.

So, yeah, I'm a little distracted. Hopefully everything goes well today and I can concentrate on football again. If not, I'll post a brief note in the diary section and take a few days off as needed. Stats after the fold.

The Stats


Wallace: 4 accurate, 3 underthrown
Blown Blocks: Weaver 1, Spencer 1, Wrotto 1
Hole: 1
No Hole:
Good Block: Locklear 1, Ashworth 1, Joppru 1, Weaver 1


1WR: 0
2WR: 13
3 WR: 6
4WR: 1
1TE: 17
2TE: 0
H-Back: 0
1B: 5
2B: 14
-I: 13
-S: 1


Forced Double Team:  
Penetration: Koutouvides 3, Atkins 3, Fisher 2, Mebane 2, Tafisi 2, Terril 1
Missed Tackle: Koutouvides 1, Herring 1, Tapp 1, Fisher 1, Tafisi 1
Coverage: Hobbs 1
Blown Coverage: Boulware 1
HiZ: 2  


Base: 26
3 DL, Dime: 1
5 DL:
Nickel: 5
Goal Line: 2

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 1