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First Wave of Cuts

The Seattle Times is listing the following players didn't pass the chopping block:

[K]icker Kurt Smith, safety Patrick Ghee, wide receivers Robert Ortiz and Chris Jones, cornerback Dennis Davis, running back A.J. Harris, linebacker Marcus Rucker, tight end Andy Stokes, guard Jason Murphy, center Austin King and tackle Jon Alston.

Not a real exciting group, with Alston and Ghee, I think, having the best chance to sign on somewhere else. Harris was the most visible in preseason but saw only garbage time. From a Seahawks perspective no one on this list will be missed, but on a less practical note, if I may briefly soliloquize.

I have always had the greatest sympathy for those who fall just short. Each of these men is an astounding athlete. Each has speed or strength that less than one percent of all people possess. Each dedicated years of their lives to pursue a dream. A dream so big, so rarefied, that failure was always just a single misstep away. For the hundreds released today the NFL is now just a bright light on a passing train. A point that everything up until now has led up to and nothing from now can bring them back to. There are few things as cruel in this world as to be great at something without ever being great enough.