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Get Out Your Hankies: An Administrative Announcement

Dear Gulls,

This is one of those administrative announcements that really doesn't portend any gigantic changes to your lives but nonetheless feels like something I should say to the general public just to clear my own head. But if any of you happen to play violin you may wanna dust the sucker off and play some solo thing, just for dramatic effect:

When I started Field Gulls back in 1939 I had visions of creating a community for Seahawks fans, and hopefully their significant others, where we could all crack jokes while poring over statistics (or pouring our martinis). The blog has surpassed even those lofty expectations, as we not only have become a great community (which I can especially say now that I've met many of you face to face), but to my surprise and astonishment a first-rate source of news, commentary, analysis and jokes about Jerramy Stevens' open bar tabs. In our first year we garnered a whole lot of acclaim -- especially from other NFL blogs in the Sports Blog Nation, a fact which makes me prouder than you'd ever believe.

Field Gulls also attracted the writing talents of John Morgan in the last gasps of the 2006 season. He has blessed us as much as any non-Pope could, with smart writing, pinpoint analysis, and more skill at game breakdowns than the Mariner bullpen against the Angels in a crucial 3-game series.

In the meantime, lots and lots of things have been happening in my non-cheerleading life. I turned the big 4-0 in March. I got another kid coming up right around Super Bowl XLII (I still got it, suckas!). I'm about to begin a new and challenging full-time job with lots of travel, and the last few months have seen the emergence of another blog which has also garnered some acclaim (and which has also ground to a halt lately, but that will change).

I have felt for awhile that for Field Gulls to continue in the manner in which I want it, I should relinquish some control, and let someone who's earned the right make the most out of this site for the sake of his portfolio.

You're probably way ahead of me, so let's let Taima out of the birdcage: As of now, I'm handing over primary administrative and editorial control of this blog to Coach Owens Mr. Morgan.

I'll still be writing for this blog from time to time, and handling much of the admin work for the 2007 season. I will still retain the all-important title of "Founder." But to keep Field Gulls a living, breathing entity, I think Morgan deserves to run the show -- he's got the energy and obviously the talent, and since I'm proud of having worked for you guys over the last year, I think you deserve a host that will keep pumping blood into the 12th Man with all the gusto of a crisp, clean can of Jones Soda. (I know -- that's a mixed metaphor. See how far I've fallen??)

Most of what I write will be generalized essays and occasional news updates. John will handle the meat. (Settle down, Senator Craig -- not that meat.) Plus, for at least awhile, I'll be tweaking most of the sidebar content. John and I will also be splitting administrative decisions for a bit. The rest of our agreement comprises private corporate details which are stricly between me, John, and Mr. Trump.

I feel you should all be apprised of this subtle behind-the-scenes shift because you all doth rocketh, and it's been my utmost pleasure to serve you. (Settle down, Senator Craig -- not that service.) I don't think you'll notice much change, but I did want to let you know there's been a change, that it's definitely for the best. Field Gulls has been immensely rewarding for me personally, and now I believe it's in the best position to continue rewarding the Seahawks Nation for years, nay, decades, to come.

Anyway, there you go. Let the Morgan era begin. Thank you all for being so kind to me and this site.

I still get the executive parking space.

Coach Hargrove Shrug