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News Rodeo 8/30: Perfunctory Holmgren Speculation and Mewelde Moore

This story purports to be about Mike Holmgren leaving Seattle after the end of the season, but is in fact 4 paragraphs of roundabout speculation followed by a rather hollow season preview. The question does remain, though, is Holmgren long for Seattle? I would guess not, as he and Tim Ruskell are both control freaks and that sort of arrangement never lasts long, but like 2005, winning salves all wounds and solders all division. Let me make it clear before this gains any steam, I couldn't be more against Jim Mora Jr. taking over the head coaching duties. Mora, to me, represents three things I have very little patience for: empty publicity, nepotism and incompetence. If Holmgren must leave, Jon Gruden would be a more logical and qualified replacement.

As I anticipated, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune is reporting that Mewelde Moore might be traded or released as early as Saturday.  Moore is an excellent third down back and showed hints of starting ability in 2005, but has been passed over now by three separate coaches. Is that conclusive? No, but it does tell you something. Holmgren prefers to use his fullbacks in third down sets, and though Moore has better natural skills rushing and receiving than Leonard Weaver, he offers little in the way of pass blocking. For Seattle, Moore would only be considered if considered as a long-term replacement for Alexander, but it bears mentioning that Moore's lone starting experience, 2005, coincided with his career worst DVOA, 0.3%. Also, Moore vanishes around the goal line. Certain backs play well against nickel and dime coverage schemes, or on draws, but are chewed up when facing a full front seven. Either way, I doubt Seattle is interested, he's nothing like any back Holmgren has ever coached and the team is seemingly content with their running back situation as-is, for better or worse. At last check and before Seattle re-signed Seneca Wallace, the Hawks were about 10 million under the cap. As desperately as the Hawks need a back, that money would be better spent on retaining Sean Locklear.