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Quick Cap: Oak @ Sea

  • C.J. Wallace played his way onto the practice squad, with Boulware and Babineaux nowhere to be found, maybe the roster.
  • David Greene's days in Seattle are numbered. All you need to know about him is that Seattle preferred to see Derek Devine hand-off than Greene pass.
  • Leonard Weaver fumbled again, but otherwise did what is needed to not lose his spot.
  • Burleson arrives as the Hawk's starting split-end.
  • Seneca Wallace has a lot of exciting qualities, but in his 5th season he has to be able to not stare down his receivers. Touch, the deep ball and excellent scramble ability, but he was solely at fault for his two interceptions. Ferkristsakes Seneca, look off the damn coverage.
  • Mebane gets primary credit for the safety.
  • Leonard Stephens will be cut. I think Joe Newton and Ben Joppru had the inside track anyway, but Stephens earned a couple false starts and then vanished into his own personal hell of regret.
  • Weeks ends up on the practice squad, again.
  • Joe Fernandez will find his way onto someone's roster, just not Seattle's. Jordan Kent will be tough to hide on the practice squad and Seattle might have to make some sacrifices to retain his talent. Meanwhile, we get a Courtney Taylor sighting and guess what, he looks really good.
  • Can we just cut Porkchop?
  • Koutouvides sticks. Herring probably.
  • Hawks end the preseason 3-1, healthy and with loads of potential in a weak division.

Further reflections later or tomorrow.