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News Rodeo 8/8

The Times-Picayune: Brown's injury not serious

Left Tackle Jammal Brown's MRI reveals only a deep bone bruise. I'm very happy for New Orleans and its fans; I absolutely hate preseason injuries. It looks like Brown will only miss a week. In related news...

Seattle Times: Walter Jones Returns To Practice

In a gesture Holmgren is calling a "cookie", Jones has been allowed to miss part of practice so he can be in optimal shape for the season. Some of Jones' best seasons were after he held out the entire preseason, so the less we see of Jones, the less chance he has of getting hurt, the happier I am. Jones is sporting an ailing right shoulder, a potentially very severe injury for an NFL lineman. Jones doesn't need to practice, he doesn't need to learn the plays or work with the first team offense. Jones needs only to be healthy, to stay healthy and do his awesome Walter Jones thing.

Seattle P-I: Trufant Moving to the Left Side

Perhaps you've heard, Trufant will be switching to the left, #1 corner side of the field. Now, the assertion that moving him to the #1 side of the field will help him play like a #1 corner is entirely illogical, but at his worst, he's much better in coverage than Kelly Herndon.

With Jim Mora Jr. at the helm, expectations for our secondary are beginning to run dangerously high, especially with a #2 corner and nickelback with less than half a season combined experience. Trufant has a decent shot of developing into a very good cover corner and Kelly Jennings and Josh Wilson are both super-fast, opportunistic, playmakers, but the Hawks' pass defense is still almost entirely dependent on the pass rush. That is, simply, John Marshall's system. The secondary is getting a ton of attention in no small part because Mora, a big name and former head coach, is now in charge, but fans must temper their expectations. Neither Jennings nor Wilson should be expected to excel in man coverage and both should be allotted quite a few mulligans for near certain lapses. Hopefully, a sufficient pass rush will also allow them to make some picks as both are potentially deadly in the open field.