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NFC West Predictions: Second Edition (Seattle Seahawks)

1st Seattle Seahawks 12-4 (+1)

2006 Pythagorean Wins: 7.8 (9-7)

Developments: Marcus Tubbs is scheduled back by the third game of the preseason, but the addition of Brandon MeBane means he won't need to play full time. The Hawks allowed runs of 10+ yards on a staggering 29% of all run plays in 2006, 6% more than second place New Orleans. But in the Hawks first five contests, with a healthy Tubbs, the Hawks allowed a run of 10 or more yards on just 7% of rushing plays. Tubbs and MeBane are difference makers for a run defense that can still be very good.

Reasons for Optimism: Nate Burleson has really stepped up his production after losing the #2 wide receiver spot during last year's training camp.

Ray Willis continues to solidify his spot at right guard. Frankly, I was near certain he would win the spot two months ago. "Big Die Slow" should have little trouble outperforming Chris Gray.

Reasons for Pessimism: Brian Russell. Other than that, not much. Hearing Jones and shoulder injury is not heartening, but his missed practice time is probably a savvy move by Holmgren to protect the team's undisputed MVP and not an indication of a more severe injury. Really, no news is good news in Seahawks camp.