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Preseason Thread: Colts v. Cowboys

Second game of the preseason features a distinctly Wild West theme. Boy that's a bad joke, anyways...

The preseason is about rookies and no rookie is as important to his team's current success as Indy's Tony Ugoh. If you're looking for a quick primer about Ugoh and his strengths and weaknesses, oh would you look at that, somebody wrote one up for all the first day tackle and guard prospects. Ugoh is slotted to replace two time Pro-Bowler Tarik Glenn, a pair of moderately large shoes to fill. Watch for Quinn Pitcock, too, he has a chance to be a pretty decent two-gap tackle.

The Boys spent a lot to move back into the first round to draft Anthony Spencer in a kind of questionable move. I was big on Doug Free entering the draft, it will be interesting to see how he performs against superior talent. This is a big test for him.

Prediction: Anthony Gonzalez surpasses 100 yards receiving.