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Bleacher Bloggers; Odds and Ends

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In the all the hullabaloo about Marcus Tubbs' knee I forgot to post a link to this video post by the Bleacher Bloggers. We're featured in the NFC West Preview segment. We appreciate the gloss, guys.

I don't see Byron Leftwich making it to Seattle and agree with Scruffy Lefty's take that his skills are poorly suited for the Hawks system. I still support Seattle taking a look at Brunell, but for no more than a fifth round pick.

Remember this post where I excoriated the Arizona Cardinals draft, calling it amateurish and implying that as long as Rod Graves is unwilling to give a damn about the most important weekend of talent acquisition in professional sports, instead choosing to defer to his coaching staff, that the Cards would be perennial losers?
Well, never-could-work-in-a-3-4-in-a-million-years LB Buster Davis has been cut.

Rodney Harrison is a cheater. Have we reached the point where every hulking maniac over the age of thirty must be suspected of some sort of illicit drug use? Can we trust no one? What has this world come to when a violent, anti-social lunatic who gets his jollies by legally assaulting people is also a druggie. A doper. A pumpkin-headed hormonal freak of nature. Scandalous, just scandalous. For shame, Rodney Harrison...please don't track me down and pound me into a pasty pile of goo and bone meal.

I loved Atlanta's draft, grabbing the best defensive end and guard prospects by my estimation, plus adding ridiculous depth and a potential stud cornerback with Chris Houston. I thought Jammal Anderson was head and shoulders above Gaines Adams, this article gives a little insight into his athleticism and his, are we sick of this yet?, basketball skills. Reports are also circulating that Roger Goodell is thinking of replacing the goal posts with a basketball hoop and allowing teams to go one-on-one for a post TD two point slam dunk. No really.