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Cuts Announced

(Update: Here's the list. Jordan Kent and Joe Newton will presumably make the practice squad. I suspect Weeks will too as, IIRC, the NFL has added another year of eligibility. I think Steve Vallos and one of Josh Parry or David Kirtman also get signed. Kevin Hobbs and Joe Fernandez will likely find somewhere else to sign. David Greene survives. The Bohemian survives. And Porkchop, oh, Porkchop feasts tonight (insert cannibalism joke here).)

I'll post a link when they're announced. I've read a half-a-dozen running projections about who will get cut, and, I got to tell you, it seems like a pretty minor story. The Hawks had many, no, most spots decided entering the preseason and little has changed. Briefly, I hope Seattle finally sheds Porkchop, keeps Bryce Fisher and Joe Newton and I see almost no difference between Lance Laury and Will Herring. I figure Steve Vallos may survive the cuts thanks to his ability to play center. I'm sure after watching tape on Thursday's contest, Holmgren has seen that the fumbled snap was mostly Wallace's fault.

I think C.J. Wallace sticks.