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Hawks Trade For Alvin Pearman

Once again, WAB has scooped me. The Hawks have moved an undisclosed pick for former Jacksonville back Alvin Pearman.

I'm not going to lie, besides game one of 2005, I can't remember ever seeing Pearman play. And that one rush hardly resonates. He was a productive check-down and screen target that year, but his professional career encompasses roughly a hundred plays--so...

Pearman contributed all four seasons at Virginia: rushing, receiving and returning the ball. He sounds like a natural receiver.

Frank Hughes is reporting that David Greene has been released. The Hawks are carrying 6 wide receivers but just two quarterbacks. This is just idle speculation, but perhaps the Hawks plan on trading, say, a coming free agent who has a great reputation but couldn't earn the starting split-end spot. Of course that's far-fetched, but I wouldn't be surprised if Ben Obomanu or Courtney Taylor is traded.

Busy day. Give it to Paul Allen owned teams, they keep life interesting.