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Doug Farrar: "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee"

I justed wanted to point out this transcendent piece of analysis by Doug Farrar regarding Marcus Tubbs' significance to the team, the potential of Brandon Mebane and Tubbs' future. It's concise, accurate and thorough. Also, someone should send this quote from Will Carroll to Frank Hughes:

"The ACL, as we've seen, doesn't really factor in, especially for linemen...From the ACL, we've seen a lot of (recoveries), usually without short-term problems."

He goes on to say that recovering from microfracture surgery is still Tubbs' biggest obstacle. It's cold comfort, but Carroll's thoughts coincide with my belief that Tubbs wasn't likely to be much of a contributor in 2007 anyway. Again, this might sound barefaced optimistic, but I think that missing a year of contact could do wonders for the long-term health of Tubbs' left knee.

We'll concentrate on the post-Tubbs Seahawks tomorrow along with some in depth looks at what Mebane has shown us in the preseason. Breath everybody, this team is still a contender.