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DJ Hackett Out with High Ankle Sprain

The Tacoma News Tribune is reporting that DJ Hackett has suffered a high ankle sprain and will miss significant time.

Hackett was primed for a big season, but at least his is an injury our depth can cover. I covered high ankle sprains, how long they take to heal and how it will affect play in this piece I wrote last year WRT Marcus Trufant. Here's the pertinent passage minus the cool graphic:

A high ankle sprain is a hyperextension of the syndesmotic ligament. The syndesmotic ligament is, in fact, four ligaments. The main purpose of these ligaments is to provide stability and allow for external rotation of the ankle. Depending on the placement and severity of the strain Trufant could miss anywhere from four weeks to the rest of the playoffs. If he's able to take the field his lateral mobility will initially be limited, or to put it in football terms his ability to shadow the receivers route will be hampered. Trufant will be especially susceptible to good route runners and the double move, a fact that could make him a sitting duck against #1 receivers.

For a receiver, the greatest concern created by a HAS is cutting ability and its importance to route running.