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Seahawks Swap Bryce Fisher for Undisclosed Draft Pick

Funny, I was just watching Fisher basically force Patrick Kerney's big highlight reel sack. Fisher has long been an underrated player, his value as a pass rusher is marginal but he's a quality run stopper and a consummate professional. For Seattle this is a simple numbers game, Fisher became the odd man out after Seattle had acquired Jason Babin and rightfully so. He's the oldest, most expensive and most marketable of the Hawks non-Patrick Kerney defensive ends. If you track all this from beginning to end you'll see a Billy Beane-esque turn of genius here.

September 1st: The Hawks trade 26 y/o Michael Boulware to the Houstan Texans for former first round defensive end Jason Babin, 27. Babin is in his prime and may have had his skills obfuscated by playing out of position. Boulware was unlikely to make the team. Net Loss = Nothing to Special Teams Player. Net Gain = Pass Rushing Specialist to Potential Starting Defensive End.

September 1st: The Hawks trade an undisclosed draft pick to the Jaguars for Alvin Pearman and a conditional draft pick. Net Loss = Nothing. Net Gain = Young third down back with big receiving upside.

September 10th: The Seahawks Trade 30 y/o Bryce Fisher to the Tennessee Titans for an undisclosed pick. Net Loss = Situational run stopper to post prime, out of position LE. Net Gain = Draft pick.

September 10th: The resulting opening allows Seattle to trade a draft pick for Charlie Frye. Frye is an accurate pocket passer who fits Mike Holmgren's system. He has a very weak arm and limited upside, but with the right coaching could become a Trent Dilfer or Tim Rattay-like backup. Step one, though, is learning some pocket awareness. Frye (10.9% Adjusted Sack Rate 2005, 9.4% 2006) was quite a bit worse than fellow Browns Qbs Trent Dilfer (6.2% ASR, 2005) and Derek Anderson (5.9% ASR, 2006) at avoiding the sack. This has been a longstanding problem for Frye who was sacked 38 times his senior season at Akron. Net Loss = Draft Pick. Net Gain = Potentially competent second string quarterback.

Without giving up anything, the Hawks are now younger, more talented and better constructed.