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New readers should know I have no special access and will never break news or share a hot rumor. has such access and lists the following injuries for the Seahawks on Sunday:

Status Report


WR D.J. Hackett (ankle)


LB LeRoy Hill (foot), RB Maurice Morris (hip), WR Ben Obomanu (hamstring)


DT Brandon Mebane (shoulder)

Hackett's high ankle sprain has been covered. The Hawks have impressive depth at the position so Hack's injury mostly affects Hack, who is playing for his first free agent contract. With Ben Obomanu being listed as doubtful, the Hawks might give Courtney Taylor some looks. Taylor is a true slot player and is more comfortable working underneath routes, but his YAC potential is impressive.

Reports I've read say Leroy Hill will play, but I liked what I saw from Kevin Bentley in the preason. He lacks Hill's pass rush ability but he's a decent compliment in run support and actually better in coverage. It's never good to take any opponent lightly, but I wouldn't argue with Coach Holmgren if he let Hill heal against a Cards unit that is neither a terror on the ground nor particularly impervious pass blockers.

The most interesting player on the list is probably Maurice Morris, not so much for what Seattle loses in his absence but because his and Shaun Alexander's injuries open the door for Leonard Weaver and Alvin Pearman. In many ways Weaver and Pearman are incomparable players. One a third down scat-back type, the other a true Walsh style rushing/receiving fullback. But both should get looks in third down or obvious passing situations and both are currently most valued for their receiving. Against Tampa Bay, the Hawks used Weaver and Morris on the same plays in sort of a global backfield substitution. I would expect the same on Sunday, with Pearman and Weaver getting a few series together.

Finally, though Brandon Mebane is listed as probable, the Cards do not feature a rushing attack that should particularly necessitate his services. Arizona has no dominant lead blockers and Edgerrin James lacks break away speed. Mebane wasn't needed much against Tampa Bay either and likewise he shouldn't get too many looks on Sunday unless the Hawks' rush D really breaks down. Better to keep him fresh for the Hawks' upcoming showdown against the 49ers, who, I'm sure no Seahawks fan could forget, feature dominant lead blocker Moran Norris and the break away speed of Frank Gore.