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Field Gulls has been invited to square off against local experts in KSTW's Pro Football Challenge pick `em contest. Feel free to sign up and list your own picks here.

Last week I was 10-5 and both of my blowout picks won by double digits. That's not too bad for the first week of the season, but I'd like to do a little bit better going forward.

This Week's Picks in bold:

Cincinnati @ Cleveland: This week's survivor pool sure thing.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee: The Titans had the best young cornerback in football last season, one of the main reasons they played so well against the Colts. This year he's busy suplexing some jobber in Sin City, Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison send Roger Goodell their thanks.

San Francisco @ Saint Louis: Losing Orlando Pace hurts, losing him and Richie Incognito is hard to overcome. Patrick Willis matches well against Steven Jackson and the Rams suddenly conservative passing attack will leave many longing for the days of Mike Martz.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay: Think I'm crazy? Drew Brees looked awful against the Tampa 2 in the season opener, plus, Reggie Bush continues to be a cipher on offense. Don't be surprised if Michael Pittman makes some noise.

Atlanta @ Jacksonville

Buffalo @ Pittsburgh

Houston @ Carolina: Don't let Kansas City's crappiness fool you into thinking that the Texans are a good team.

Cowboys @ Miami

Seattle @ Arizona: I would have been 11-5 if I would had listed the Hawks over Tampa last week.

Minnesota @ Detroit: I like what I saw out of the Vikings pass rush, especially once star-bound Kenechi Udeze who is now more than a year post microfracture knee surgery.

Oakland @ Denver: I'm really out on a limb here, as Denver enjoys a greater home field advantage than most, but I just don't think the Broncos are that good this year.

Kansas City @ Chicago: If this is even close Bears' fans should panic.

New York Jets @ Baltimore: Am I crazy for picking the Jets? Yeah, probably, but with Ogden, McNair and Lewis hobbled I think this begins a long season of frustration for Ravens fans and the end to Baltimore's long reign of contention.

San Diego @ New England: Really hard to pick anyone over the Patriots after the way they played in week one, but the Chargers badly outplayed them in the playoffs last season and lost. This time I think they get a few breaks and the Pats' Richard Seymour-less rush defense is exposed.

Washington @ Philadelphia: Watch the Skins defense, they'll keep `em in this, but the Eagles are the better overall team and have home-field.

I'm taking a number of risky picks this week and I wouldn't be surprised if it bit me in the butt, but some would say I did the same thing picking the Packers last week.