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Quick Cap: Arizona 23 Seattle 20

One botched play and the Hawks lose.

Do we need to know anything else?

The Hawks pass rush was non-existent. Matt Leinart looked poised. Edgerrin James cutback through our D like the Hawks' defenders were running out of his way. I'm exhausted, I'll wait to say anything else until I watch the tape.

One botched play.


I've watched tape. Guess who was at fault? Mack Strong. Yep, disrupted Beck's handoff, completely blew his block.

Further Update

Got to give it to Hasselbeck for showing hustle, Alexander was nowhere to be found. Even with Strong blowing the block, Alexander has to hold onto that. Seriously, post decline Alexander--who is soft, cutback greedy, a cipher receiving and banged up--is one of the worst starting running backs in the NFL. This line deserves better.

Final Update

I know the 49ers are 2-0, but it's early. They've done nothing particularly impressive. Bad stuff happens--remember that stifling loss to Jacksonville to start 2005? The Hawks weren't destined to be 16-0, but I don't see a lot of contenders in the NFC. The most troubling thing about this game is that Alexander simply is not getting any better. He's cooked. He's hurting the team. A couple good runs don't make up for all his profound weaknesses. The most troubling thing about this season is that Holmgren won't sit him unless he's hurt.

Does Jeff Gillooly still live in the area?