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Matchupalooza: Patrick Kerney V. Levi Brown (Redux)

I probably don't need to tell you who won this matchup, nor its import to the Hawks' defense. Patrick Kerney was disappeared by the younger, stronger Cardinals left tackle. Levi Brown coupled with Deuce Lutui manhandled the Hawks' defensive left side. Rocky Bernard was able to slice into the backfield on a few plays, but even Bernard, one of the best and most underrated one gap defensive tackles in the NFL, was kept quiet. How complete was the domination? Well we know that Seattle didn't record a sack, but did you know that Arizona averaged 7 yards per carry on runs behind right tackle? Ouch. That's not inflated by any one long run either, Edgerrin James ran for 7 or more yards on four of his six carries run behind right tackle. Kevin Bentley shares some small part of the blame, he of the delayed tackle--make contact after five, watch the rusher fall down after nine.

The question now is how many more power right tackles will the Hawks match against? Using a very simple three part system, power, finesse, and complete, here are, barring injury, the tackles Kerney will be squaring off against in the next 15 weeks.

CIN: Willie Anderson C (Unfortunately, yes)
@SF: Joe Staley F
@PIT: Willie Colon F
NO: Jon Stinchcomb F
STL: Milford Brown P (If he keeps his job. Brown is a pretty lousy tackle in most aspects.)
@CLE: Kevin Shaffer F
SF: Staley F
CHI: Fred Miller F
@STL: Brown P
@PHI: Jon Runyan P
ARI: Levi Brown P
@CAR: Jordan Gross P
BAL: Adam Terry/Marshall Yanda C/F
@ATL: Todd Weiner F

Most of these are best case scenario. The situation in Saint Louis is pretty up in the air, and who Kerney faces against Baltimore has much to do with how healthy Jonathan Ogden is. Despite being a power blocker, Milford Brown is a lousy overall right tackle. Of this group, the bad matchups for Kerney are this Sunday's versus Willie Anderson; Jon Runyan, Jordan Gross and the remaining matchup against Levi Brown. Not too bad at all, really. Kerney isn't the kind of all world player that can be expected to win every matchup, but against finesse blockers I expect him to dominate. We'll see when the year is over.