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Week 2 DVOA: Hawks Place 14th

The ever indispensable (D)VOA ratings are up.

The Hawks are second in the division with a respectable 7.2%. Arizona is on top, placing twelfth with a 16.2%. Seattle is ninth in the league on offense at 11.1%, surprising when you consider Shaun Alexander has posted a bangin' -7.4%.

Here are the rest of the noteworthies:

Matt Hasselbeck: 59.1 VOA, 20.2 PAR
Maurice Morris: 11.2% VOA, .3 PAR
Shaun Alexander: -7.4% VOA, .8 PAR; (Receiving) -47.4. -.9 PAR (Which, if you're keeping score means that Alexander has produced nearly the same amount of value in 45 runs as Morris has in 3)
Mack Strong: -28.2% VOA, -.2 PAR; 56.6% VOA, 2.6 PAR
Bobby Engram: 68.2% VOA, 5.4 PAR, 80% Catch Percentage
Deion Branch: 1.6% VOA, 1.7 PAR, 44% Catch Percentage
Nate Burleson: -15.7% VOA, 0 PAR, 50% Catch Percentage
Marcus Pollard: 3.5% VOA, .8 PAR, 71% Catch Percentage

Anyone not listed hasn't had enough catches or rushes to qualify. Remember this is very early in the season and subject to change dramatically.

Hasselbeck is really outperforming the rest of the team right now.