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State of the Blog

I know those four words rarely mean anything good, but that's not the case today. Actually, I just wanted to solicit readers' opinions about what they like, what they don't like and what they'd like to see on Field Gulls. I'm especially interested in hearing from individuals who have never posted before. I know some bloggers are very autocratic, and given the origins of blogging that's understandable, but I'm not that way. I'm interested in everyone's opinions.

On a slightly separate note, I think I've figured out a manageable schedule for posts. I've decided for the sake of readability and my own time constraints I'm placing a soft cap of 800 words on my posts. That also gives me extra time to edit my posts, something I never do enough. It's a soft cap, so if something absolutely demands a longer post...

I would like to get back to doing Podcasts. To anyone who listened to my preseason Podcasts, what did you think?

Also I don't want this to turn into a kvetch fest. I don't mind complaints, but try and not rag on me or anyone else--I promise you I know my shortcomings better than most.