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12 Seahawks Street: The Un-journalists

Still don't know what unjournalist means, I guess if me and Mike Sando were to ever come into contact we'd both instantaneously vanish. This is a "roundtable" in which I'm the only one foolish enough to show my face or use my real name. I guess I still just don't understand how these internets work. Anyway, they asked me to be funny--which is funny, because all my writing used to be funny, but now I'm doing analysis and think maybe I forgot how to be funny. Lots of flip remarks peppered with pop culture references, right? Or is that old. Should I have acted like a dick and referenced Anchor Man? Talked in the third person? Rehash a Lenny Bruce bit? Ape McSweeney's? Anyway, that's my mug sitting beside all the perplexing and moderately offensive comments. I look surprised and vaguely peeved--I took the picture myself.