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Filed under: Pro Football Challenge Week 3

I was 8-8 last week. Blech. I bet on too many upsets and paid for it, but sometimes you have to make a mistake to find out what you know. Maybe one day I'll take more than five minutes making my picks. That day is not today. Home team first, winner in bold. Overall record: 18-13.

Baltimore Ravens / Arizona Cardinals: I'm one for one picking against the Ravens. They barely beat the Kellen Clemens led Jets last week.
New York Jets / Miami Dolphins: Had I known Pennington would be out I would have picked the Ravens. Note to Jets fans who evaluate their quarterbacks by arm strength, I hear Ryan Leaf is available.
Pittsburgh Steelers / San Francisco 49ers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers / St. Louis Rams
Philadelphia Eagles / Detroit Lions
Kansas City Chiefs / Minnesota Vikings: Vikings fans face fact that it is bad even for them to be without their #1 quarterback. Had this team found an even serviceable option at QB, I think they could have been playoff contenders.
Green Bay Packers / San Diego Chargers
New England Patriots / Buffalo Bills: The Pats look like a team of legend--without Richard Seymour and Rodney Harrison.
Houston Texans / Indianapolis Colts
Denver Broncos / Jacksonville Jaguars
Oakland Raiders / Cleveland Browns
Seattle Seahawks / Cincinnati Bengals: Pick`em. I go with Seattle merely out of loyalty.
Atlanta Falcons / Carolina Panthers
Washington Redskins / New York Giants
Chicago Bears / Dallas Cowboys
New Orleans Saints / Tennessee Titans