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Week 3 DVOA

Here's something to chew on while I finish up my post for today. Football Outsiders week 3 DVOA is out, Hawks stay in 14th place with a 6.5% DVOA (this is the first week of opponent adjustments) thanks almost entirely to their special teams: 7.7% DVOA. The Hawks are now projected to have a 66.8% chance of making the playoffs. You can read all their projected scenarios here.

The Seahawks notables:

Matt Hasselbeck: 30.5% VOA, 20.2 PAR--hurt, no doubt, by the pair interceptions he didn't throw.
Shaun Alexander: -1.2% VOA, 3.2 PAR
Deion Branch: 15.3% VOA, 4.6 PAR, 57% Catch Percentage
Bobby Engram: 52.5% VOA, 7.6 PAR, 76% Catch
Nate Burleson: -8.8% VOA, 0.8 PAR, 50% Catch
Marcus Pollard: -13.0 VOA, 0 PAR, 67% Catch

Not much to add here. Too early in the season to come to any conclusions, because opponent adjustment will change all these numbers a lot in the next few weeks. Branch is beginning to step up. Engram is already there. Alexander has a negative VOA, but don't be surprised if that declines steeply once an accurate opponent adjustment is applied. The Bucs have a -21.4% DVOA on rush defense, but they've played two of the very worst rushing teams in football (Saint Louis and New Orleans, two teams with big-hyped rushers but horrendous offensive line problems) and the Seahawks (-10.4% rushing DVOA).