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Mike Tanier's Take on the Bengals' Bungles

If you like some of the Xes and Os stuff I do around here, Mike Tanier does it all and does it better. Plus, he has readable diagrams.

This week he covers the Bengals, a couple plays that went horribly wrong against the Browns and how they adjusted for the Seahawks. We also get a look at how the Hawks safety went down. If I have two nitpicks it's that I don't think enough emphasis is put on the quality of the personnel participating in each play, nor do I think Shaun Alexander is assigned enough blame for the safety. I agree that it was a "well-executed zone blitz", but no mention is made of Alexander taking himself badly out of blocking position on what was, frankly, a fairly obvious decoy blitz by Leon Hall.

Read it up. Be informed. Return. I'll have a matchup posted in a couple of hours.