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Seahawks Sign DT Ellis Wyms

Clare Farnsworth just reported that the Seahawks have obtained defensive tackle Ellis Wyms, just cast off from the Buccaneers, to plug the gap left by Marcus Tubbs' season-ending injury.

Farnsworth mentions the Hawks have been coveting Wyms, a product of Mississippi State, for a long time. He's said to stop the run. His 2006 was okay, despite his missing three games. He had a particularly good run in games 6 through 8. Injuries and wear-down are a concern. ESPN scouts him as "very active, intelligent and fairly athletic," and touts his versatility. Football Outsiders called Wyms a "quick penetrator in the middle of the defensive line, but (he isn't) a standout pass rusher."

Ruskell obviously did not hit up the golf course this weekend.

Editor's Note: Hey, I'm in for a second, we're all heading out for a hike in just a few minutes, but I just wanted to add that Wyms (28) is a one-gap, Tampa-2 type tackle. He's not being brought in for run support, but to benefit a pass rush that was kind of limp in the preseason. Jon Marshall builds all his defenses from the pass rush up. Wyms closest comparison on the Hawks' roster is probably Craig Terrill, and that might be just who he replaces.