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Happy Football Day! Catchall Thread

When the baseball season began this last Fool's day I was excited because the season was starting. I did not, however, watch the game. As much as I enjoy baseball, watching the New York Mets play in St. Louis in what amounts to 1/162 of the season just didn't appeal to me. With the football season starting tonight, I remember just how much fun any football game can be. The NFL has smartly picked a pair of crowd pleasing teams, and beyond the true significance of every contest in the NFL, tonight's game will be exciting just for the talent on display. The greatest player of our generation adapting to life after a competent left tackle. The most exciting player of NOW, Reggie Bush, looking to add some production to his already bloated highlight reel. Not to mention, little big hit Bob Sanders, Mr. Spin Move Dwight Freeney, the "TE", Marques Colston, one of the best young left tackles in football, Jammal Brown, the quiet legend, Marvin Harrison, the everyman's elite Qb Drew Brees, the apprentice, Reggie Wayne, burner, Devery Henderson...which is all to say: It's football time!

I'm crazy busy all day, but hopefully we'll get some kind of game thread up for tonight.

The closest thing to news today is the Seattle Times naming Walter Jones the greatest Seahawk of all time. I find this particularly impressive, because Steve Largent has been destroying the competition in the popular pole (he currently has 71%(!)(!!) of the total vote). Jones absolutely deserves the nod and kudos to the Times for taking a brave and clearly controversial stance.

We'll be back to regular posting tomorrow. I'll round out the Bucs preview--not to let the cat out of the bag, but I think this is a pretty important contest for understanding what we can expect from Seattle this season. After the fold, and in the spirit of Shrug's Quick and Dismissive Picks from last season, I've posted my picks for this week. I did them last night with minimal thought, minimal commentary, and I'm sure they're pretty spotty, but it's just meant to be a conversation starter. I invite everyone to post their own, maybe we could get a little competition going.

Saints over Colts: Tony Ugoh looks like a project being forced to start. I think the Colts have the kind of speed on defense to keep this close, but the Saints pull away thanks to steady production by McCallister. Surprisingly low scoring.

Broncos over Bills

Redskins over Dolphins

Rams over Panthers

Pats over Jets

Vikings over Falcons

Jaguars over Titans

Steelers big over Browns: I like the Steelers a
lot, given the unsettled Qb situation in Cleveland I think this will be the big blowout of the weekend.

Packers over Eagles: Game of the week. Home field
gives the pack the edge.

Texans over Chiefs: Worst game of the week.

Chargers over Bears

Raiders over Lions: Lamont Jordan = Unstoppable'll have to wait for that one.

Cowboys big over the Giants: The Cowboys have an attacking defense, the Giants have a terrible offensive line and panicky quarterback.

Bengals over Ravens

Cards over 49ers: Just a gut feeling here.