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Game Day Open Thread -- Week 1: Tampa Bay at Seattle

September 9, 1pm Pacific
Qwest Field
FOX-TV (13)

Oh my freaking God it's football season!!

Will this be the debut of the Branch-Hackett-Burleson Air Show??

Will Shaun Alexander rebound enough to justify being on the Field Gulls fantasy team??

Will Matt Hasselbeck throw to his left just to satisfy the Bush protestors??

Will Jerramy Stevens get so blitzed on margaritas that he drunkenly lines up as the Seahawks' tight end??

Will Bill O'Reilly start referring to his favorite shower sponge as a "Lofa"??

Will Josh Brown rebuild the Viaduct and find a cure for hangnails??

Will you visit this site and Buc 'Em for ongoing game commentary??

Ai-eeeeeee! It's Kickoff Day! At Qwest Field!! You're here!! You can't stand it!! You need it!! Now!!


Let the Jones Soda Era begin!!!