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Matchupalooza: Potpourri

A few more questions I'll look to answer after breaking down the game footage:

Joey Galloway reinvented himself in his mid-thirties to compensate for his waining speed. Galloway 2007 is still quick, but it's his route-running that has allowed him to excel in recent years. Marcus Trufant has long had problems with play action and the double move, how he plays today should give an indication of how he's grown as a cover corner this offseason.

Without Jerramy Stevens, Leroy Hill and Julian Peterson should be freed up to rush the passer. One should be able to record a sack.

Patrick Kerney has much to prove after a controversial signing. The history of 31 y/o defensive ends is not at all promising and he doesn't get any breaks today, facing talented young tackle Jeremy Trueblood. I don't need to see a sack, but at least some consistent pressure. Otherwise, Jason Babin is waiting in the wings.