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The Tape: Whiteout

Hey folks, it would seem we packed up our coffee grinder in the move yesterday, meaning that I feel tired to pair with my sick. I've watched the tape, and beyond being stomach turning, it was also almost entirely uninformative. Pretty much no one on the Hawks roster played like themselves. The Seattle Seahawks are a warm weather team. Those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest might take umbrage to our weather being called "warm", but the average January temperature in Seattle is not unlike Memphis, Tennessee. Brian Russell is the only regular on defense who has played in an open-air, cold weather environment in the last 5 years. He was also the only defender who played better yesterday than he usually does. On the offense, Deion Branch, Marcus Pollard and Bobby Engram all have substantial pro experience playing in the cold. Branch was hurt. Pollard played most of his career in a dome, and had his production crater the last two seasons in winter home games in Detroit. Engram played 5 seasons in Chicago many seasons ago, and had the best game among Seahawks receivers, but was also the target of 4 incomplete passes and was charged with a hold.

The point is, when the snow began to fall in Lambeau, the Packers home field advantage vaulted from sizable, to dominating.

I'm going to take the rest of today off to lick my wounds. I'll piece a highlights package together for tomorrow, as now that the season's over, I see no reason to rip anyone. It might be short.

I have some plans for the offseason, but, in general, my posting is going to decrease in frequency and length. Season reviews for each of the Seahawks regulars will be posted sporadically. I'll do my best to keep up with all the hot rumors in free agency, along with any news, in whatever form it takes. Sometime next week I'll post an offseason checklist: Goals for the offseason, prioritized and with suggestions. I figure an offseason "plan" falls apart the second a team makes a move not on your original "plan", but a checklist provides a list of goals, that can be revised and updated as a team's needs and opportunities change. It's not so pass/fail.

Thank you everyone for the support, it's an honor to write for such great fans, Seahawks or otherwise.