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Jim Mora Jr. Declines Redskins Coaching Position

Via Seahawks Insider

"I want to thank the Redskins organization and owner Daniel Snyder for the opportunity to interview for the head coaching position. The process reconfirmed that the quality of life for my family in Seattle is my first priority. This past year has been a great experience both professionally and personally for myself, my wife Shannon, and our kids. We are very happy members of this community and the Seattle Seahawks organization." -- Jim Mora

Here's some facts to ponder, and then I'll offer my opinion.

  • The Redskins are old, especially defensively.
  • The Skins are projected to be 21 million over the cap, right now, with only 45 players under contract.
  • The University of Washington football team faced a very difficult schedule in 2007. Despite their 4-9 record they ranked 41st in Fremeau Efficiency Rating. What that means is, if the team didn't improve at all heading into next season, but faced a league average schedule, they should post a winning record.
  • Jake Locker is a recruiting tool.
  • Willingham is one of the only African American coaches in the college ranks.

What I think this all means:

Mora wants to become a head coach, or else wouldn't have interviewed with the Redskins. He may have declined the Redskins job simply because it's a bad job. He's not likely to be able to take over for Ty Willingham, because there is no evidence that Willingham is likely to be fired. It's hard not to conclude that either Mora will be assuming the head coaching duties now after Mike Holmgren retires, or that Holmgren will be the titular head for 2008 while Mora is transitioned into head coaching duties.