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Game Day Open Thread - AFC: San Diego at New England

Just in case you're watching football this afternoon, here's an open thread for the AFC Championship game. Can the Chargers pull off the biggest upset in conference championship history against the 17-0 Patriots?

No. No they can't. But here's the game thread.

Update: You beat me to the punch, Shrug.

When Seattle lost, it was really a disservice to the nation. On paper, both Conference Championships look like potential blowouts. I'd estimate the joint point differential to be around 35: 7-10+ for the Packers, 15-30+ for the Pats. And then, two weeks of Favre/Brady androphilia. Anyway, between the slavering over Favre's "lineage" and Brady's "ascension" I hear some football will be played. Talk about it here.