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Mike Holmgren to Finish Out Contract


"Kathy and I came to this decision to finish my contract," Holmgren said. "This will be my last year. We are going to make it the best year ever.

So, as probably could be expected, Mike Holmgren will serve in some capacity, nominally as the head coach, for the final season of his contract. This is mostly good news, really. Jim Mora Jr., in all likelihood, will be the man behind the man, the man who whispers in the man's ear, and Holmgren will lend his considerable insight into what looks like an offense-first draft for the Seahawks. He'll also get a shot to work with Charlie Frye, assuming Frye really is the Hawks' quarterback of the future. The biggest downside of 'Gren returning, as I see it, is that the Hawks won't likely get the new blood throughout the coaching staff they desperately need, not just this offseason, but possibly next offseason, too. This it the frustrating "status quo" move that winning franchises often make, sometimes it works, and sometimes the franchise stagnates. A protracted transition from Holmgren to Mora is less likely to produce a losing season, but also less likely to produce a Super Bowl champ. It should be noted, too, that the more significant change from 2007 to 2008, coaching-wise, could be Mora taking more duties from current offensive coordinator Gil Haskell, who has, for years, been Holmgren's go-to guy when delegating responsibility.