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Zorn Seeks Promotion

Update: Tim Ruskell's the shit. As Joeshow points out, the Hawks have almost the entire coaching staff ready for the 2009 season. I bet Bill Bavasi doesn't have a plan in place for the 2003 season.

Via the Washington Post:

The Washington Redskins interviewed Jim Zorn for their offensive coordinator position yesterday...Zorn, the quarterbacks coach of the Seattle Seahawks, is well regarded by two of the top candidates to replace Joe Gibbs: former New York Giants coach Jim Fassel and Redskins assistant head coach-defense Gregg Williams.

Zorn developed late round draftee Matt Hasselbeck (6th) into a Pro Bowl quarterback and had an instrumental part in developing top journeyman Qb Charlie Batch into an effective backup/spot starter. If he could do nothing else for Seattle but provide them with a quarterback of the future, he'd be worth offering the offensive coordinator position to. With the team quickly becoming almost monolithic in its concentration of defensive minded executives and coaches, it's very important that the Seahawks do what it takes to retain Zorn. They clearly have the inside track if they'll only commit a prominent future position to him, and if takes an immediate promotion to offensive coordinator to retain this unheralded difference maker within the Hawks' coaching staff, I'd advocate that, too.