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Quick Cap: Hawks 35, Skins 14

Don't let others knock your pride, the Hawks may not have dominated, but they squarely beat the Redskins. Collins was hit 12 times. 15 of Portis' 20 rushes went for 2 or fewer yards. That's huge. That's a shutdown. The inevitable pick 6 barage to end the game was the product of excellent coverage, opportunistic coverage, a shutdown rush D, and consistent pressure. That's how a D wins a football game.

Beck was wobbly. Hopefully whatever was bothering him so bad (wrist) is healed by next Saturday. Alexander has benefited from being spelled, but for crissakes, spell him, Stump. Weaver, Mo, they're good. I give Beck credit for manning up, he didn't play well, but he did compose himself at the half, and his subtle improvement in the second was enough to allow the D to end it.

The Hawks are for real. The D will not play as well in GB, we can accept that. They were incredibly dominant tonight. They could play worse and allow more points - if! If they can bring some of the pass rush to Green Bay. The Pack play a downfield passing attack, a little pressure and we see what a couple forced bombs can turn into. From both teams, in fact. No pressure, and we get Jennings running untouched into the endzone. That's a big if, but don't underestimate this team. The offense is average-above average, but the D and the special teams are capable of an elite showing any given game.

Game Ball: Leroy Hill had an excellent showing. A big sack. A pass stop for 2. A pass stop for -2. Hill has become a well rounded linebacker with a few elite skills. Young, developing. This D is going to be good for quite some time, folks.