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Open Thread: Mike Holmgren's Press Conference: Matt Hasselbeck Out Against Tampa Bay

Somehow this seems worthy of hanging out for and maybe providing some commentary.

Oh shit, no Beck this week and his back is serious.

Matt Hasselbeck's bulging disk is contributing to his knee problems. This explains a bit why Beck has been playing panicked and throwing without power.

Mike Holmgren shot down any chance Seattle trades for help, which, given Seattle's slim chances of competing, should be a given.

Mike Holmgren finally put some blame on special teams and punting. About damn time.

Charlie Frye, not practiced and also kinda crappy.

Mike Holmgren's Wish List: "A couple big plays a game."

"We got snookered a little bit on the coaching side." Not sure what that means.

Here's a conversation starter: Should Seattle attempt to trade Patrick Kerney?

It sounds like there's a darn good chance Frye is starting against the fourth ranked defense in the NFL.

Mike Wahle had his best game according to Holmgren. I agree with that, but it should be noted GB has some crap DTs. Holmgren didn't think it was holding, I agree.

Will Heller will miss significant time.