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The Tape: John Carlson's First Touchdown

One of the cool things about being as fan is that there's more to root for than just victory. There's firsts. There's great play. There's great Seahawks just starting their careers. And that's why I want to memorialize John Carlson's first touchdown reception. Here's to many more big guy.

Packers 3 - Seahawks 3

3-2-GB 6 (Q2: 8:22)

One thing about Mike Holmgren I'll miss are his elegant red zone plays. This one qualifies. It's a slick bit of strategy that makes it easy for Frye and Carlson, bang-bang, though Carlson adds a little flourish at the end.


Seattle breaks 2 tight ends right, 2 wide receivers left, single back deep, off center left. The Packers in an aggressive 4-3, outside linebackers threatening blitz along the outside, Dbs and middle linebacker just out, just in or straddling the goal line. Before the snap, Bobby Engram motions into the slot, just inside slot receiver Koren Robinson. At the snap, Frye fakes a pitch left to Leonard Weaver. Walter Jones pulls outside to sell the play fake. No one bites. Outside tight end Will Heller slants in, out and into the end zone. Carlson blocks left, Frye rolls right, Carlson spins right, Brady Poppinga wiggles, tries to stay square with Frye, blitzes; Frye lobs it to Carlson, Carlson turns up field, nears the goal line, is pinched by Aaron Rouse and a charging Charles Woodson, takes flight, outstretches and somersaults nearly untouched for the touchdown.